IONDV. Tickets
About the application
The idea of the application is very simple - keeping records of the issuance and cashing of social food coupons for citizens in need and the automation of the work of social services or non-profit social organizations.

In the application, you can apply for coupons in electronic form integrated with any portal.

It is assumed that a citizen fills out a service provision form and sends an application. The application is sent to a social service employee.

An additional advantage is the printed form of the tickets. A citizen can download the coupons and print them or send by e-mail.

1. Adding to the citizen's card: full name, date of birth, gender, etc.

2. Adding to the ticket: validity period, status, etc.

3. Changing the status of the ticket by the workflow

4. Role-based access for different specialists

Additional functionality: check boxes with categories, attachment of scans, printed form of coupons, portal integration.

Application features:
A registry-type application for issuing social food tickets.
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